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          9 Different Types of Fig Trees

          Types of Fig Trees

          The relationship between mankind and the fig tree goes back to the dawn of recorded history and beyond, and has played a significant role in both the agricultural and religious development of the human race. In Judeo-Christian and Islamic tradition Adam and Eve – the first residents of the planet – used fig leaves to … Read more

          4 Online Sock Stores

          online sock stores

          Socks are a necessity and a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Of course, we virtually all have simple, solid-colored socks, but there’s something to be said for fun, expected novelty socks. With loud, funny, and even beautiful colors and prints, novelty socks are a wonderful garment to add to your collection, and you can easily find … Read more

          10 Different Types of Garlic

          Types of Garlic

          Garlic is one of the most popular and widely used seasonings on the planet, and while most people don’t realize it there are over 600 different types of garlic out there to choose from – and more being added to this number regularly. Garlic is quite versatile and has been used in culinary, medicinal and … Read more

          7 Alternatives to Lululemon Clothing

          Alternatives to Lululemon Clothing

          Lululemon is a brand of athletic wear that’s extremely popular today. While Lululemon provides innovative and fashionable styles in comfortable, breathable fabrics, their clothing options are also quite pricey. Luckily for budget-conscious shoppers, there are alternatives to Lululemon clothing available at competitive prices. With these alternative brands of athletic wear, you won’t miss out on … Read more

          8 Different Types of T-Shirts

          types of shirts

          T-shirts are one of the most basic and most beloved types of shirts in the U.S., as well as in countries across the globe. As a comfortable and versatile choice of top, T-shirts are enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages. T-shirts are easy to wear and can be styled as part of … Read more

          9 Different Types of Cauliflower

          Types of Cauliflower

          Cauliflower is one of those vegetables about which most people have a strong opinion one way or the other. While it is very versatile in terms of what you can do with it, and it is quite healthy to eat, both its look and its flavor simply rub many people the wrong way and have … Read more

          7 Different Types of Sweaters

          types of sweaters

          Sweaters are a mainstay in the modern wardrobe; a fixture of fashion during the fall and winter months. Characterized by knit fabrics and the ability to provide warmth, sweaters are a versatile garment and take several different forms. Whether they’re designed to be layered or worn on their own, sweaters are the ideal way to … Read more

          8 Different Types of Goggles

          Types of Goggles

          Eyewear is important to have for many reasons, such as being a way to help protect your eyes. While some might turn to sunglasses to do so, these items don’t always protect your eyes well. Because of this, you might want to try goggles instead. Goggles are designed to help protect your eyes from various … Read more

          10 Different Types of Pecans

          types of pecans

          Although it might come as something of a surprise, if you count both wild varieties and cultivars that have been developed by man there over 1,000 types of pecans currently in existence, and more are being worked on by horticulturists even as you read these words. Botanically, the pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) is a member … Read more

          8 Different Types of Ginger

          Types of Ginger

          Ginger is an extremely versatile plant that is popular for a variety of reasons throughout the world. The root (or rhizome) of some varieties of ginger is used as a spice or flavoring in all sorts of culinary applications and is sold throughout the world in fresh, ground, powdered, paste and other forms, while other … Read more